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Our Work

  • Polshed Concrete Spokane Perry Disctrict

    Haystack Building Polished Floors

    Tranquility by Design This space is occupied by Yoga Shala in the Haystack Building located in the Perry District of Spokane. This is a second story slab poured over a..
  • Polished Honed Concrete Spokane

    Dan & Celeste’s Floors

    Low Maintenance Floors Dan and Celeste are former residents of the beautiful state of Montana where it’s rugged and wild.  In transitioning from a rural home under the big sky..
  • 1239036_416191495148939_228194319_n

    Precast Concrete Stair Steps

    Frames are welded steel that will be left exposed to rust. Concrete was cast inside the frames with recycled glass embedded.  ..
  • 1382809_424453904322698_1789991693_n

    Beautiful Polished Concrete

    YES that is concrete the chain is laying on. These are a couple pics I took to show just how beautiful concrete polishes can be...
  • 970387_424205457680876_1667124965_n

    Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor

    Metallic epoxy shop floor. The blue metallic area will be a entertainment area and the charcoal area will be where the owner parks his Mustang...
  • 1239818_411037565664332_328635615_n

    Polished Garage Floor, My Own ;-)

    Dyed and polished concrete. Perfect finish for a garage that’s super durable and very low maintenance. Dye: Kemiko Onyx..
  • 735224_10151654751373146_109751189_n

    Industrial Epoxy Checkered Floor

    Industrial epoxy showroom floor. Black and white checkered epoxy. Urethane topcoat. The great people at McKinnon Materials, Inc. supplied all materials. Thanks Kenny, Buster and Nikki...
  • 1234380_410162942418461_767878899_n

    Metallic Epoxy Showroom Floor

    Metallic epoxy floor. Copper and royal blue aurora dust worked into each other to create a truly custom look. Materials supplied by Mckinnon Materials...
  • 893218_409008142533941_1402142318_o

    Acid Stained Driveway & Walkway

    Acid stained driveway and walkway. The colors are Kemiko Vintage umber stain.  The accent color is Westcoats Water-Based Mahogany Stain. Boarders stained using Proline charcoal. Sealed with ChemMasters traz-25...